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Asian Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Product name:
All electric machine with SPARK series

Product detail:
The best solution, the best offer.
● Combining ultra-thin high speed and ultra-thick low speed
● Revolution round template design with Japanese super rigid frame
● Super high-speed intelligent computer controller
● With Japanese screw design, excellent performance


Product Information

Tell you why you should buy all-electric machine ?
The difference between all-electric and hydraulic machines
● Eco - friendly → Reduce the configuration of cooling water circulation system
● Energy saving and cost down → No need high-watt electric source.
● Oil less and clean→ No oil leakage concern and no hydraulic oil consumption.
● Non-noise → No high speed sound driven by oil pump.
● Easier to run synchronization —> difficult for hydraulic machines.
● Drive easy and friendly for mold low pressure protection → avoid damage to mold.

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