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Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

Product name:
Injection molding machine

Product detail:
Outward toggle clamping a significant increase in structural accuracy of mold platen. Outward toggle clamping mechanism exhibits superior flatness of mold platen and minimum deformation. Rigid machine structure reduces deformation to a minimum while ensuring consistent product accuracy. With the specially designed five-point toggle mechanism, faster mold clamping speed can be achieved. Wide platen and long opening stroke increase installation space of mold.
Injection unit uses high rigidity and highly precise linear support and guidance, achieving low friction, smooth movement, fast response and high precision injection. Plasticized electric servo motor and independent loop control can reduce cycle time and save more energy.
This series is suitable for automotive products like vehicle bumper, vehicle headlight.

TPII series is our new two-platen machine. Unique two platen design for clamping mechanism exhibits exceptionally high speed clamping feature. Rigid machine structure, minimum deformation and consistent product accuracy. Clamping force, mold opening stroke and distance between tie bars are easy to customize. Quick and accurate mold adjustment makes the machine suitable for small lot flexible production. Direct clamping make even force distribute on mold ensures high accuracy of product. Uniform tension force on tie bars for dramatic increase of service life. Without toggle mechanism can reduce lubrication system and reduce maintenance cost. Two-platen designed can reduce 30% of space. Compare with TP series, we simplify the mechanism and reduce the numbers of parts so it is easier to maintain.

Rotary Table / Separated Injection Multi-color Plastic Injection Molding Machines. Injection units use single cylinder injection can achieve high speed and high precision. Clamping units use our TPII structure with rotary table can save more space. With more injections units three or four colors products can also be molded. Increase the flexibility of product design. Molding process can minimize the use of internal space simultaneously. In addition, it can have different applications to increase the flexibility and variations of product design. This series is suitable for automotive products like vehicle taillight.


Product Information

In the electric vehicle field , Chuan Lih Fa injection machine company can provide bumper, dashboard, door panel, interior decoration parts, radiator grille, mirror, headlight , cooling fan, battery case in the car body…etc. As long as material is thermoplastic, Chuan Lih Fa is able to produce it with excellent machine we own. Especially on the lightweight long glass fiber and carbon fiber, Chuan Lih Fa company is expert on these products. Too much experience we have, high quality machine we hold. As we are leader in this electric vehicle field.

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