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HIWIN Technologies Corp.

Product name:
HIWIN i4.0BS (Intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew)

Product detail:
HIWIN i4.0BS (Intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew) is the first ballscrew in the world that can be mass produced to achieve smart manufacturing for Industry 4.0. i4.0BS transmits signals via sensors and PLC I/O to the edge computing module for calculation and analysis. Then the results are shown on display devices through Ethernet network to achieve remote monitoring. i4.0BS features remote monitoring function through muitiple devices, intelligent diagnosis and historic log. It can diagnose various warning messages of the ballscrew and detects the failed axis and failure occurrence time, to remind users to take actions for predictive maintenance.


Product Information

The intelligent 4.0 Ballscrew consists of three parts, including ballscrew, sensor module, and edge computing module. Ballscrew combines with hybrid sensor and professional algorithm. Through the sensors and algorithms, it can effectively monitor ballscrew performance. By receiving the data of temperature rise and vibration of the ballscrew via mobile phone or PLC to maintain the processing quality and efficiency. With automatic and safe lubrication, this can avoid machine downtime due to shortage of oil. Frequency conversion lubrication can save the use of lubricating oil and achieve economic and environmental protection. Online pre-diagnosis is used to understand the health status of the ballscrew, which is helpful for maintenance sequencing and avoiding emergency shutdown. The diagnosis history of the ballscrew's preload status can help to do maintenance alert; It helps to keep high productivity, stabilize product quality, save lubricant with cost benefit and environmentally friendly. The most important thing is that with preventive planning maintenances schedule, it can keep the machine in optimum production and avoid unexpected machine shutdown.

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