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Jon Wai Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

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Product detail:
Compact & Saving
• The Unique 2-platen Clamping Mechanism Reduce the floor space over 21% than conventional 3-platen machine.
• The hydraulic oil is reduced to less than 50% of conventional machine. As design on dividing the clamping cylinders into Booster cylinder for mold movement and High pressure cylinder for mold locking.

Rigid Mechanism
• High intensive Box-Like structure casting platen with solid ribs which optimum rigidity with 3-D design and Finite-Element Analysis. The clamping force is perfectly distributed and minimizes mold deflection and stress & wear on the mold parts.
• High Pressure locking cylinders are independent and not integrated with the casting platen. Without potential oil leaking risk caused by casting holes.
• Mold high adjustment done by direct hydraulic instead of adjustment mechanism. Less mechanical parts imply less malfunction and less maintenance.
• Powerful mold opening force design, opening force is 9% of mold closing force.

More Accurate
• Mold open/close drive by 2 booster cylinder in angular position. During travel, the moving platen is supported by large / solid steel / adjustable sliding shoe. This allows the moving platen travel smooth, steady and guarantee the platen absolute parallelism.
• JONWAI patented Mold locking semi-circle intermeshing nuts provide more accurate and faster nuts fixed position.

More Flexible And Modularity
• Mold height and clamp stroke could be increased and customizable according to customer require.
• Platens size and tie-bar distance could be increased and customizable according to customer require. Free combination of injection unit and clamping unit big benefits for customer procurement.


Product Information

Jon Wai two platen machine is suitable for autoparts production like bumper, dash board. Machine delivers precise and balance clamping force. Reduce the mold deformation and reduce the flash issue.

The powerful system with fast response can increase the production output. The servo power saving system and electric charging function make TP machine with super low power consumption.

With the lowest running and maintenance cost compare to other supplier in the market, TP machine has high reputation. That’s why Jon Wai can occupy the 70% big machine market in Taiwan.

For auto-parts production, Jon Wai is your first choice.

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