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Lien Fa Injection Machinery Co., Ltd.

Product name:
Injection molding machine

Product detail:
Lien Fa has a full product line of Hydraulic Injection Machines from 40~4000 tons.
Our standard machines have three series:
ST: Single Cylinder Direct Clamping Structure
MT: Four Cylinders Direct Clamping
MT2: Dual Lock Platen with Four Cylinders Direct Clamping.
The size of MT2 is 20~30% smaller than other injection molding machines in the market.

The advantages of hydraulic machines are, first of all, clamping force is constant because of the center piston construction. Also, it is very easy to adjust clamping tonnage, even during the cycle.

Second, the opening and closing cylinder of the mold provides a straight travel of the movable platen, which creates an accurate alignment with the fixed platen.

Third, the direct clamping pressure by centralized piston construction provides even distribution on the platen, which will prevent misalignment of the mold.

Fourth, hydraulic short stroke cylinder use only a small amount of oil. The clamping system is considered to be a much cleaner system, which needs less maintenance than other machines.

Our latest machine is the GT Series which just came out this year, in 2021.
Some of the great features of this series include:

First of all, the size of the machine is reduced by 30%, while retaining the same mold opening stroke and capacity.

Second, the auxiliary fuel tank is adapted to improve high oil temperature problem, which is commonly seen in the existing design in the market.

Third, with it’s one-way cylinder design, the maintenance is much easier and has better cooling efficiency.

Also, by using a larger hydraulic cylinder, there is no need to increase the system pressure setting while the clamping force requirement can be achieved.

And finally, the injection unit adopts a twin-cylinder push-injection design, which can increase the reaction speed.

Next, I will introduce some other different types of machines that we provide, with special functions.

ECO, electrical type, which is purely powered by electricity. Since there is no oil used, this type of machine is often provided for production that requires a strict clean environment, such as products for laboratory use, or for the medical and electronic industry.

The advantages of ECO include:
Energy saving by 50~70%
High cleanliness
Low noise
And for production environment that needs to meet specific standards.

For Vertical Systems, we have 2 different types of machines.

One is VR, Vertical with rotary table.
The other is VL, Vertical with sliding table.

Vertical systems are good for products that need to be inserted from one material into another, such as hand tools with a metal head and a plastic handle.

As well as products that need second injection, for example products with two different colors or patterns.

Next is MTD - Multicolor System. We have 3 different types of machines.

MTD-Bi is a basic multicolor machine with two sets of injection units, that can shoot two different colors separately at the same time.

MTD-D has two injection units for shooting different materials. If you have products with different materials on the same piece, it will help you save the secondary processing.

MTD-M can shoot not only multi-colors but have them mixed together, which can create special patterns like marble or amber.

It is often chosen by our customers who wish to give their products a different and unique look.

And finally, these are our Additional Systems, which can be added-on to your current machines to provide additional features.

HB, which is an energy efficient hybrid system. It saves 50~70% of the energy than traditional machines.

HS, High Speed Molding.
This can be used for products that requires a larger injection speed in the production process. This feature is especially great for thin products, for example disposable plastic food container.

If you need both the features of HB and HS systems, then HBH would be your top choice!
It provides energy-saving and high speed advantages at the same time.

Product Information

Lien Fa is committed to build high quality, dream machines with the latest technologies for our customers in different industries that would fit their specific needs and requirements.
In other words, we have all kind of plastic injection machine you need, we have HYBRID SYSTEM, high speed ,mutil-color or material, ECO, TWO Platen, vertical.
if you can't find what you need on our catalog ? let us know we can have your machines custom-made as well.

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