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October 22th, 2021

2021 Online Webinar

International Webinar of Business Opportunities for Taiwan Smart Machinery to Support Global Automotive Manufacturers

For the past few years, Taiwan has been an important supplier for global electric vehicle manufacturers. Through effective integration of the supply chains of component parts manufacturers and machinery manufacturers, we take pride in providing prominent hardware solutions. The webinar brings together Taiwanese EV manufacturers, leading EV parts manufacturers, and smart machinery manufacturers to introduce the most comprehensive solutions and applications and share their advanced technologies that can help plan and complete your EV production line.
The webinar invites six Taiwan’s machinery and parts manufacturers that are Tier 1 suppliers for world automobile manufacturers to discuss trends for electric vehicle in the three important subtopics of lightweight construction and parts for electric vehicles, technology and aesthetics in automotive lighting manufacturing, and gear reducer system with high precision and quiet operation.

Precision Machinery Research Development CenterPresident
Speaker Introduction


Tso Chi-Sen

Vice Chairman, Foxtron Vehicle Technologies
Development, Advanttages, and Competitiveness of Taiwan’s EV Industry

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Kyle Lo

CEO/Managing Director, SOCO Machinery
Comparison of Tube Processing Technologies Between Electric and Gasoline Vehicles

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You will learn more about
1.Different strategies and solutions for overseas EV technology integration.
2.Advantages of Taiwan's machinery and processing manufacturing and supply chain in the global market.
3.Breakthroughs on processing and precision of tube bending in electric vehicle application.

From AM to Tier 1:Successful Business Model in Automotive Lighting Market
Speaker Introduction


Michael Chen

General Manager, TYC Brother Industrial
TYC:Global Provider of Smart Production Line for EV Lighting

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Alan Wang

CEO, Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture (FCS)
FCS iMF4.0:Smart Solution for EV Production Line by World-leading Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

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You will learn more about
1.The trends of EV lighting and how good service providers should be.
2.Taiwan EV lighting industry’s advantages over international competitors.
3.Taiwan EV machinery manufacturers’ advantages over international competitors in supporting the automotive lighting manufacturing industry.

Precision Machinery Research Development Center President
Speaker Introduction

Morris Wu

Senior Manager, HOTA Industrial
HOTA Industrial:Leading Brand of EV Gear Reducer Manufacturing


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Yu Yu-Yi

Assistant Vice President,KAFO (Kao Fong Machinery)
KAFO:Top Provider of High-performance Machine Center for EV Key Components

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You will learn more about
1.Developments of Taiwan’s gear reducer industry and its advantages in the global EV market compared withinternational competitors.
2.Taiwan machine center’s outstanding application performance in the global automotive manufacturing market.
3.HOTA and KAFO’s development in the high-end electric vehicle market.