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Thanks to SEYI’s powerful servo motors and control system, the press slide motion is fully programmable, allowing users to optimize the press for every part. The parameters of different slide motion profiles are easily setup on the user-friendly HMI interface. For example, the slide can move slowly through the working portion of the stroke to prevent cracking of the stamped parts but move rapidly throughout the rest of the stroke to improve productivity. Secondary operations such as in-die piercing can also be implemented into the primary tooling, improving overall efficiency, and reducing costs. Industry 4.0 reshapes the production process by making it smarter and more flexible. Utilizing IoT technology, SEYI’s Smart Press Solution provides several functions, such as machine and production status, tonnage monitoring and die protection for production optimization, to assist users to improve stamping quality and production efficiency.


Product Information

SEYI is a leading global press supplier with 60 years of experience and has exposure in more than 40 countries with a complete sales and service network. SEYI not only manufacture stand-alone mechanical and servo presses, but also offers integrated stamping solutions with IoT technology, assisting customers to move toward smart production under Industry 4.0.

Lightweighting design is primary challenge for EV car manufacturing. Auto parts stampers face challenges to deal with difficult-to-form materials. SEYI’s servo presses offer the velocity and flexibility thanks to the powerful servo motors and control system. Users can freely set up the slide movement at any position with different speeds based on different materials, tooling and stamped parts geometry.

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