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Product name:
Injection molding machine

Product detail:

A new design of a 5-point, high-speed toggle mechanism, perfect optimizing from CX series.
It effectively reduces 30% the dry cycle time in comparsion with CX series, and provides a larger size of the tie bar clearance, the platen layout, and more molds can be loaded.

A wide selection of injection modules for the single clamping unit
The modularized injection unit commissions the high pressure, high speed, shot weight, etc., specifically for various molding terms. Three to four sizes of screws are selected in the basic mode and may be revised if requested.

Japan-made motorized grease pump
A thousands-based frequency for a single lubrication cycle, which reduces the grease consumption, and provides an extended commissioning life of the toggle's components and 4 axes of ball screw and nut.

Clamping and injection unit are traversing with linear guideways.
The movements of the clamping and injection units are supported by linear guideways, to achieve a perfect positional precision and to smoothly move at the motions of mould open, close, injection, plasticizing and carriage.

Injection axis driving with planetary type ball screw
German Rexroth PLSA series ball screw, featuring smooth function due to the principle of synchronized planet rollers inside the nut, effectively upgrading the loading capability and screw rigidity.
Very quiet operation, longer service life, compact design to present high power density, high positioning accuracy and repeatability.

Austrian KEBA i-8000 series state-of-the-art control unit
The Keplast i8000 series combines the latest multi-touch technology with an open control platform, offering the user state-of-the-art gesture operation, top performance and maximum individuality.
The 15.6" and 21.5" widescreen display sets new standards in operation. A smooth workflow with intuitive multi-touch gestures allows the process values to be set extremely quickly and reduces the time required for sampling and service.

An independent circuit to control the power and a servo system for an easy maintenance and to avoid an interference issue.

A fortified machine frame design makes the fast motions more stable in long-term production.

Multiple special functions performing on single machine
Simultaneous motion working by different axes can easily activate ejector on fly, or plasticizing on fly with shut-off nozzle, to shorten total cycle time and increase productivity.
The function of injection compression performing for optical goods can upgrade the accuracy of surface and reduce stress left on the products.
Optional function of clamping force checking and auto-tuning ensures the stability of clamping force even under long-term production.
The motion sequences of different axes can be programmed as per special molding condition or mold structure that also upgrades machine working flexibility.


Product Information

The CXE series all electric IMM is commonly producing plastic components of electric vehicle such as battery cover, led lighting, covers, carbon parts and so on. Different kinds of engineering materials are also well applying on the CXE series. The electric-driven motion axes can ensure precision injection performance, accurate position control, as well as save energy consumption, just like the features of electric vehicle, precision, powerful and eco-friendly.

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