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The SP machine is a machining center for the 5-axis processing in big volume of structural parts e.g. longitudinal beam, cross beam, profile part, battery tray, subframe or others. Linear drive allows for high speed in X-axis (up to 3,200mm). Depending on the production requirements, the modular concept of the SP series from single/double spindles, double A-axis, as well as APC functions ensure you the optimized solution with 100% flexibility. The spindle of the SP series has B-axis function, it allows the machine to process multiple degrees machining without equipping an extra angle head. Two spindles are able to operate independently and the travel exceeds the middle point for the maximum machining efficiency.


Product Information

Anger’s SP series is an outstanding machine model for processing structural parts and battery tray in the EV industry. With the max. machining area of 1000x3300mm and its multitasking function, it allows the user to finish all machining tasks in a machine. If you need further information, please visit our website.

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