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WISTRON Corporation



Wistron Corporation

Product name:
Autonomous Mobile Robot

Product detail:
In the view of robotic market potential, Wistron starts its AI and Robot R&D business from 2020. With one year’s research and development, the Modularized Automated Mobile Robot Platform has been in mass production, featured with the unique modulization, systemization and standardization designs.
1. Autonomous navigation technology
2. Collaboration secured by collision avoidance and motion planning
3. Modular design supports diverse applications
4. Efficient map and task assignment tool
5. Web-based access and dashboard UI for easy management


Product Information

This smart autonomous mobile robot with modularized design, makes efficient and versatile robot application available to the market. A LiDAR-based SLAM system ensures the accurate navigation in challenging scenarios. Modularized design is versatile in its application. This robot can perform UV disinfection, collaboration robot arm connected, transportation and inspection. One AMR, unlimited possibilities.

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