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September 23th, 2021

2021 Online Webinar

Carving the Future - Business Opportunities in theWoodworking Machinery Industry

According to ITC (International Trade Centre), Taiwan's global exports of woodworking machinery in 2020 amounted to US$713 million, ranking 4th in the global exporting market. Even with the pandemic ravaging the world, Taiwan still achieved remarkable performance in the first two quarters of 2021, with an impressive growth of 35.79%. Under the global trend of smart machinery, with joint efforts from the industry and the government, Taiwan’s woodworking machinery industry has been transformed and upgraded, moving towards an intelligent industry as well as striving to meet market demands. Smart manufacturing has become an important key to maintain competitiveness in the post-pandemic era, and it is also expected to create a new height for Taiwan’s woodworking machinery exports.

Focusing on exclusive technology applications and future business opportunities for international buyers, the webinar invites four representative companies to share the current development of smart technology in Taiwan’s woodworking machinery industry from professional and marketing perspectives to provide a better picture of the marketing advantages and resource integrations.

Smart Manufacturing and Application of 4-Side Moulders
Speaker Introduction


Michael Chang

Chairman of Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association (Leadermac Machinery Co., Ltd.)


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Change is the only constant in life. Always pursue excellence.”
With nearly 50 years of experience in the industry, Leadermac Machinery has had mature and stable development in the Japanese market and has been devoted to research and innovation, taking the lead in exploiting the European and American markets. With excellent abilities in customization as well as process optimization and whole plant planning, Leadermac has become the second largest 4-sided moulder manufacturer in the world.

In recent years, to achieve cost management, Leadermac has introduced the TPS solutions and significantly improved production efficiency. In response to the trend of intelligent automation, Leadermac has undergone digital transformation, using advanced technologies including human-machine interface and IoT cloud platform, and the integration of big data analysis and remote intelligent monitoring system, to provide real-time professional diagnosis and service.

Leadermac has successfully combined traditional machinery and advanced technologies, and our smart products are indeed the key to maintain strong competitiveness in the global market. We consider each sale not the end of a deal, but a start for both we and the customers to move forward together. With the intention of providing excellent quality and adhering to the customer-first principle, Leadermac Machinery is determined to strive towards the goal of smart factories and green manufacturing.

The ONLY Smart Veneer Faces Production Line Manufacturer in ASIA
Speaker Introduction

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Ian Chang

General Manager of INNOVATOR Machinery Co., Ltd.

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INNOVATOR Machinery is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of veneering machinery with excellent quality and service. In 2008, we started our business relationship with SAVI, a well-known Danish veneer guillotine brand having the largest market share in veneer guillotine in the U.S. and U.K., which enhanced our production line and made us the only manufacturer with intelligent automatic veneer processing equipment in Asia.

With over 30 years of experience in the woodworking machinery industry along with the introduction of European high-quality technology, INNOVATOR not only maintains machine safety but also completely solves the problem of uneven quality caused by traditional veneer machinery. With better stability and efficiency, we significantly reduce wood waste and costs while meeting the demands of the global environmental consciousness by achieving maximum utilization of resources. In addition, to meet the market trend and the needs of customers, besides the one-stop-shopping service, we also provide whole plant planning solutions for decorative board and furniture industries as well as veneer and plywood processing plants.

In 2018, INNOVATOR started manufacturing smart box making equipment, leading the company to continue innovating and advancing. As the company name suggests, INNOVATOR will always strive for innovation and sustainability for our business and customers.

New Business Opportunities-Manufacturing System For The Automation Of Woodworking Machinery
Speaker Introduction

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Cliff Chang

General Manager of SK Global Co., Ltd.

SK Global (Stirling International) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. We focus on automation in the woodworking machinery field. By integrating and combining single woodworking machine and different kinds of conveyors including belt, roller, and chain conveyors with PLC and PC controllers, we design and develop the most comprehensive equipment and technology for the timber processing industry. Our customers mainly produce Glue Laminated Timber (Glulam) & Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), and we strive to develop the most innovative technology with our great experience to meet their request and demand.

Our consistent goal is to provide labor-saving, machine performance-improving, and state-of-the-art solutions, and to build mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients. To satisfy our customers’ needs, we provide custom design solutions for their plant layout and according to their budget and requests plan suitable automatic production line for Glulam or CLT. By connecting our PC-based controllers to customers’ Central PC or ERP system, not only can orders be organized and individually distributed to different working station, production capacity and related statistics can also be analyzed. Our responsibility and goal are to provide our clients with complete Glulam or CLT turnkey solutions.

From sketch design to final drawing, manufacturing to delivery and installation, we provide not only products but also after service through remote control and troubleshooting. No matter what our customers want to achieve, whether it be boosting productivity, improving working capacity, optimizing the production process, or developing new products to meet the market trend, we will do our best to meet their requirements.

Anderson-Smart Nesting Automated Solution
Speaker Introduction

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Shawn Teng

Business Services Manager of Anderson Industrial Corp.

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Since 1972, Anderson has accumulated a wealth of experience and developed expertise in the field of precision machinery, committing to providing outstanding service and quality as well as excellent design. With the core competence in CNC machinery, Anderson continues improving machine development and design, making our products widely used in various industries.

In response to the global trend of smart machine manufacturing and to integrate the potential market demand, Anderson provides smart manufacturing solutions that combine automation, cloud information system, and inspection technology, effectively reducing costs and human errors while facilitating managers, operators, and customer service staff’s information assessment and service, successfully maximizing production capacity. In the future, Anderson will continue to focus on the five goals of technology, globalization, local service, design and manufacturing quality, and talent cultivation. Meanwhile, we will establish offices around the world to provide more in-time sales and after-sales services to domestic and overseas customers and accelerate strategic alliances and production line expansion for Taiwan’s parent factory to become an operation center and achieve Anderson’s mission of resources integration and providing global services.