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You Ji has professional automated production line planning, design, manufacturing, and integration capabilities, and has a number of export sales reference; the automatic Wheel Rim automation line planned in this case is the biggest automatic Wheel Rim automation line manufactured in Taiwan. The production line consists of 9 double turret vertical lathes, 9 composite turning/drilling vertical lathes and 9 sets of 6-axis Fanuc Robots, which can produce about 400 pieces per hour, with an annual output value of up to 3 million pieces.


Product Information

Now we will introduce our new VTL1600ATC+C for you.
The all new VTL series is designed to meet the needs of high-complexity turning and milling and high-efficiency heavy-duty machining requirements. Vertical turning center is suitable for machining ring type, irregular shape, large, thin and heavy workpiece turning, Good surface contact between the workpiece and the chuck ensures high precision turning. The field operator will find the loading and unloading process more easily.
Suitable for aerospace industry, wind power industry, shipbuilding industry, energy industry, pumps & valves, motor industry...etc., It can also be used for machining engine case, bearings, engines, mechanical parts, ring parts, motor housing, and various heavy equipment”

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