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Fu Chun Shin Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Product name:
Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine
(HB-R Series)

Product detail:
HB-R Series- Large Horizontal Rotary Table Two-Component Injection Molding Machine is a large injection molding equipment, which is suitable for large-scale home appliances and panels, automotive skylights, lights, corner windows and other two-component production.

1. Its dual-colored injection capabilities could applicable for both single and double component products to increase machine capabilities.
2. A horizontal rotary platen decreases issues coming from gravity and inertia.
3. Its swivel unit provides quick positioning and is equipped with numerous safety features.
4. High loading capacity and self-supporting swivel unit to hold a maximum mold weight of up to 30 tons. Suitable for two-colored, large products like automotive exterior components.
5. With a special process integration, such as the special cube mold technology and stack mold.


Product Information

For electric cars, FCS has the right machines to support the auto part suppliers.
For example, bumpers and dashboards need large and two-platen machines.
The head lamp and tail lamp need multi-color and BMC machines.
Small and precise parts like center console buttons or audio parts, we suggest all-electric and all-electric two-color machines.
For replacing glass sunroofs with plastic ones, FCS developed the large multi-component injection molding machine HB-R, which makes us the Asia’s first and only manufacturer for PC glazing technology.
Moreover, fenders, when it’s changed from steel to plastic, is suitable to add carbon fiber to enhance its strength. We also provide MuCell micro-foam molding, in order to reduce the weight, noise and pollution for the inner door trim.

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