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Hartford Machining Center Tools assures quality made in Taiwan and global-based service, which not only provides germane solutions but features self quality maintained characteristics that equally compares with Japanese brand counterpart. Hartford machines with added value technically enhance productivity and efficiency based on diversity of AI Apps tech and networking, redefining more than software machines Hartford made. Hartford is believed one of large-scale manufacturers of machining center tools in Taiwan, and is seated as unique position because of ONLY-ONE self-made controllers in the island, covering AI VMC/C-Frame models, DMC/Bridge Mill models, 5-axis models, HMC, PBM, Moving Columns models truly meet various requirements clients expect. Hartford machines features Hartrol Premium, self-made AI controller, empowering machining efficiency and smart management with visualization tech, which acts like handy cellphone we use generally. Screen of Hartrol Premium, self-made AI controller, literally refers to automobile dash board, is employed to facilitate optimum machining efficiency as well as real-time monitoring per machine operation onsite. That is, Hartford is more than software machines with advanced tech of Hartrol Premium indeed. Number tells that more 52,500 Hartford machines were exported across the globe, covering more than 65 nations, which is defined one of global leading brands based on Taiwan quality made along with cutting-edge technology including solutions of Cloud Service, Self Quality Maintained, Online FAQ, Service Parts system and Online User Connect. These technical insight helps customers experience advanced technology and innovation, and find real-time solutions to raise productivity and efficiency onsite. Hartford empowers the strength and always step ahead.


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Diversified machining center served for your options, and to meet your need.
All new 5-axis vertical machining center along with multi-pallet base is meant to design for Automobile, aerospace and 5G communication industry, which is employed as AI integrated unit.

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