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Our company, Taiwan Takisawa inherits the century artisan spirit of Japan’s CNC lathe and then combine Taiwan’s excellent manufacturing technology. We are keeping development on own precision machinery. In 50 years, we supported customer transforming intelligent factory as goal to enhance productivity. Helping end user manufacturing service to serve high-end industries of precision machinery such as automobiles, electric car, aerospace, robots, rail transportation, medical treatment, etc. Taiwan Takisawa’s machine combined with intelligent technology include in Fault prediction, accuracy compensation, automatic parameters. To meet customer machine request of high precision, high speed, multi-axis, complex machine, vertical, automation, intelligent. It not only can improve customer's production capability and efficiency, but also create additional value for customers' products.


Product Information

EX-2000YS is new generation high precision turn-mill center with built-in spindle design which achieves more precise accuracy. The axial travel speed increased by 50% and the Y-axis function is enhanced by the built-in design of main and sub spindle. Taiwan Takisawa is actively applying the module design concept, which can extent to multiple machine types at one series design to achieve the best productivity.

EX-2000YS gains good evaluation after its first announcement at TIMTOS 2019, and it stood out in the low-profile exhibition atmosphere and attracted many people. It announced that Taiwan machine tool maker can also achieve German and Japanese quality design levels. The elegant and refined appearance brings a brand-new brand image to Taiwan Takisawa, which is unanimously affirmed by domestic and foreign . Subsequently, it was exhibited at the InterMold exhibition in Bangkok, in June in the same year, which caused a sensation and subsequent inquiry effects on the venue.

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